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Ce site web publie les atrocités des rebelles FNL du Burundi et mène une campagne pour traduire en justice le dirigeant des FNL, Agathon Rwasa. Nous essayons aussi de mettre à nue la question d'impunité en génerale. This website aims to highlight atrocities by the Burundian FNL rebels, and campaigns to see FNL leader Agathon Rwasa brought to justice. We also aim to highlight the issue of impunity worldwide.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Family of FNL victim condemns torture of FNL suspects

Burundi's leading human rights organisation, Ligue Iteka, has alleged systematic torture of suspected FNL members by the Burundian Police. Describing torture as a "sad reality" in Burundi's prisons, Iteka reported that dozens of FNL suspects have been arrested in recent weeks, and that many have been severely beaten in order to extract confessions:

Iteka has also been active recently in highlighting atrocites by the FNL.

The family of Charlotte Wilson, the British aid worker murdered by FNL forces in the December 2000 "Titanic Express" massacre, who have campaigned for the FNL leadership to be prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity, today condemned the reported torture.

"Much as we want to see the FNL brought to justice for what they have done, this is not the way. Torture is always wrong, it doesn't work, and it's against international law. Rather than torturing suspected FNL foot soldiers, we urge the Burundian government to arrest the organisation's leaders, and prosecute them for Crimes Against Humanity. We urge the Burundian authorities not to torture anyone."

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