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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Rwandan genocidaires say that alleged link to Rwasa's FNL is "tarnishing" their image

Too nasty even for the butchers of 1994? The FDLR, a Congo-based group made up of remnants of the forces which carried out the Rwandan genocide, have been eager to deny reports of links with Rwasa's FNL.

Bujumbura, Burundi, 10/24 - The rebel Democratic Forces for Rwanda Liberation (FDLR) Sunday denied collaborating with Burundi`s National Liberation Front (FNL) to destabilise the Kigali and Bujumbura regimes by military means.

Rwandan interior minister Protais Musoni made the allegation this week during a visit to Burundi, while the Chief of FNL dissident wing, Jean Bosco Sindayigaya, has also made similar charges against the FDLR.

But FDLR spokesman Major Edmond Ngarambe told the private African Public Radio (RPA) here via telephone from the group`s eastern DR Congo hideouts that the Rwandan group had had no links with the FNL wing headed by Agathon Rwasa, the only rebel movement yet to recognise the elected Bujumbura regime.

"Since our establishment in eastern DR Congo, we have not had any contact with a single FNL leader," Ngarambe stressed, adding that the FDLR was among the first groups to congratulate the new regime in Bujumbura upon its election.

He described the assertions as "false allegations aimed at tarnishing the image and struggle of FDLR, and legitimising an attack against our movement".

FDLR comprises mainly former government soldiers and Interahamwe militiamen who allegedly bear key responsibility for the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, before fleeing to eastern DR Congo in the wake of the triumphant advance of the Rwanda Patriotic Front (FPR), which has now assumed power through the ballot box in Kigali.

Although still armed, FDLR members consider themselves political refugees, spokesman Ngarambe pointed out.

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