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Monday, November 21, 2005

"Lord's Resistance Army" murders yet more civilians. Twelve more reasons why amnesties don't work.

LRA indictees eligible for Uganda's amnesty - October 11th 2005

"As far as the amnesty law is concerned, all the people who surrender to us are still eligible for a blanket amnesty including the five who were indicted by the ICC," said high court judge Peter Onega, who chairs the Uganda Amnesty Commission

Uganda rebels in daylight ambush - November 21st 2005

At least 12 people have been killed in northern Uganda during an ambush by suspected rebels of the Lord's Resistance Army, LRA.

The attackers shot at a minibus full of people in broad daylight as it approached the town of Pader.

The minibus was set ablaze and as the passengers tried to escape from the burning vehicle they were attacked.

Some 1.5m people have been displaced by the 20-year conflict between the LRA and the Ugandan government.

Following the latest attack, a Ugandan military spokesman said the rebels were being pursued and an investigation had been launched to find out whether any Ugandan soldiers had neglected their duty.

This ambush follows a similar attack on Friday, when a truck carrying traditional dancers was ambushed. At least five people died.

Worsening plight

The BBC's Will Ross in Uganda says that despite the government's claim that the rebels have been defeated, a series of ambushes by the LRA is proving that, although weakened, the LRA is still able to cause misery in northern Uganda.

In what appeared to be a change of tactic, the rebels recently targeted humanitarian aid vehicles.

The plight of the displaced could well worsen, as many humanitarian organisations have severely restricted their operations due to insecurity, our correspondent says.

The conflict has gained notoriety for the LRA's massacres and its tactic of kidnapping children for use as soldiers and sex slaves.

Several senior commanders of the LRA are wanted by the International Criminal Court in The Hague, and the governments of Uganda and Sudan have agreed to cooperate

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