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Monday, February 06, 2006

FNL apologists cry foul as United Nations calls on the group to disarm unconditionally

"The international community has waited long enough. It has given the FNL sufficient time to choose between peace and war. We think we need to move to the next phase... They should unconditionally disarm... This change of tone is easily explained and understandable because the UN can no longer accept people continuing to be killed" - UN spokesperson Penangnini Toure.

The Campaign for the Prosecution of Agathon Rwasa welcomes the decision by the United Nations to demand an end to FNL violence, and the growing international consensus that firmer action is now needed.

Predictably, FNL apologists have attacked the UN for it's new-found resolve, even as the FNL murdered another four people, including a Catholic priest.

The The anonymous author of an article on the "African News Dimension" website claims that "many Burundi analysts" believe the UN's comments are "ill advised", but says nothing about who these analysts are, or what the basis is of their alleged expertise.

The article makes no mention of the August 2004 Gatumba massacre, which is widely believed to have been a joint attack by the FNL and its Congolese and Rwandan Hutu-extremist allies, or of the longstanding evidence offered by Human Rights Watch and other groups of links between the FNL and former members of the Rwandan army implicated in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The article appears to suggest that such claims have been fabricated by the Burundian government for the sake of convenience.

"African News Dimension" asserts, without evidence, that "simple negotiation with the FNL would settle definitively and at lower cost the question of the armed struggle in Burundi."

The article makes no mention of the January 2004 meeting between the FNL and President Ndayizeye in the Netherlands, at which the FNL refused all offers of a peace deal, or the May 2005 meeting between Ndayizeye and the FNL in Tanzania, where the FNL promised to stop fighting and then broke their promise within days, or the further offer of peace talks made by President Nkurunziza after his election in August 2005, which the FNL rejected.

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