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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Statement from mother of murdered aid worker Charlotte Wilson

I am looking with amazement at a photograph of the man who heads the organisation which is widely believed to have killed my daughter, Dr Charlotte Wilson, in the massacre of the Titanic bus in December 2000.

He's taller than I expected and wearing a rather ill-fitting suit. As your readers can imagine this is a curious sensation for me to actually see a likeness of the man responsible for countless killings. He is the recipient of a very chilling and detailed report of the massacre and all the booty taken from the unfortunate passengers nearly all of whom were killed. His followers are known for singing hymns while carrying out their butchery, having been persuaded that it is God's Will to wipe out those of a different ethnic group.

The Palipehutu-FNL, of which he is leader, are believed to be responsible for the Gatumba massacre in August of last year. After that the international community stopped pretending that it was possible to do deals with this group. At a meeting in September at the Foreign and CommonwealthOffice I was assured that an international warrant had been issued for hisarrest and he would be detained if he went to Tanzania or Holland or wherever.

This man is shaking the hand of the Tanzanian President watched by a smiling ambassador to Burundi. He has said he is ready to lay down arms and talk if he and his colleagues are assured of their safety. Charlotte's family would like to know why? Why is he being greeted with apparent warmth? Is he going to be arrested and tried for his numerous war crimes? We do not wish to see his safety compromised. We just want to make sure he can do no more damage.It has been pointed out recently that if Africa is to "make poverty history", it has to be governed better. That means justice must be upheld; and war criminals are not allowed to go free.

Margot Wilson

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