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Tuesday, July 05, 2005 "With help from the Tanzanian secret service, the FNL and Frodebu have made an unholy alliance"

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"According to a well informed source, the Burundian ruling party Frodebu is planning to pursue an armed struggle following its electoral defeat. As the party, led by Jean Minani, has no armed wing of its own, Frodebu has made a deal with the FNL rebel leader Agathon Rwasa. Following this accord, the fighting will be left to the FNL, with Frodebu as the political branch.

Tanzania, which publicly supports Frodebu, has helped to "facilitate" the deal. With the assistance of the Tanzanians, Agathon Rwasa has already moved his HQ from the hills around Bujumbura, where he was already in difficulty, towards the Tanzanian capital Dar Es Salaam, where he can enjoy the protection of the Tanzanian secret service. The presence of former FDD rebels, who know the FNL and their terrain well, in the new Burundian army, had allowed the army to inflict a series of heavy defeats on Rwasa's forces in Bujumbura-rurale.

The Tanzanian secret service has been actively involved in bringing the FNL and Frodebu together. Rwasa, who has nothing more to lose, has accepted that the success of the elections mean political death for the FNL, and their position as "Hutu defenders" has become obselete. But if Rwasa's strategy is merely his own survival, Frodebu's calculation is far more diabolical - they intend to perpetuate Burundi's bloody civil war and state of insecurity, in order to undermine the new institutions. By these means, the Frodebu-FNL alliance hopes to position itself as the soul "Hutu nationalist" movement. Frodebu has already begun to revive the "victimisation" rhetoric of the FNL.

Thus Jean Minani's men broadcast their inflammatory message that the CNDD-FDD, who defeated them at the ballot box, "is infiltrated by Tutsis", and that the party is "a tool of Rwanda's President Kagame". The next few months look likely to be very disturbed."

If these reports are true, then it seems that Frodebu and Rwasa's FNL are planning to pursue a straightforward terror campaign against a democratically elected government. And if Tanzania is actively supporting this campaign, then they are just as much a "state sponsor of terror" as Afghanistan was under the Taliban.

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