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Ce site web publie les atrocités des rebelles FNL du Burundi et mène une campagne pour traduire en justice le dirigeant des FNL, Agathon Rwasa. Nous essayons aussi de mettre à nue la question d'impunité en génerale. This website aims to highlight atrocities by the Burundian FNL rebels, and campaigns to see FNL leader Agathon Rwasa brought to justice. We also aim to highlight the issue of impunity worldwide.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Rwasa booted out and on the run - JUSTICE NOW

Time is running out for Agathon Rwasa. He has reportedly been sacked at an extraordinary meeting of Palipehutu-FNL in Muyira, Burundi, over his attacks on civilians and continued refusal to engage in peace talks. Following that meeting, this statement was released, announcing Rwasa's removal and denouncing him for a series of gross human rights abuses. More extraordinary still, the FNL statement denounces last year's Gatumba massacre and criticises the world's "silence" over the attack. Rwasa's own comrades are now demanding justice over these atrocities.

Rwasa is reported to have fled to Tanzania, where he has found refuge in the past.

We are now urging all those around the world who have been affected by Rwasa's crimes to write to their local representatives, urging pressure on Tanzania to enforce the international warrant issued in the aftermath of Gatumba, and deliver Agathon Rwasa to justice. Rwasa's Tanzanian friends can no longer claim that arresting him would damage the prospects of peace in Burundi. There are no excuses any more.

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