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Monday, August 15, 2005

International Community playing "pass the buck" over Gatumba massacre?

"Those responsible will be arrested but Burundi cannot do this work alone, we need the collaboration of the DR Congo and the UN" - Burundi refugee minister Francoise Ngendahayo, August 13th 2005

"Unfortunately, no investigation report has been issued by the government to date and the authors of the attack remain free... we urge the Government of Burundi to complete its investigation, issue the report of its findings and bring those responsible to justice. We also encourage the Government of Burundi to seek national and international assistance, including the help of the International Criminal Court, in this endeavor...", United Nations Mission to Burundi (ONUB), August 13th 2005

"The representatives of France, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain, noting Burundi’s strong efforts to investigate the Gatumba massacre, welcomed that country’s intention to refer the matter to the International Criminal Court, while also welcoming the Council’s support for such international juridical assistance.

The representative of the United States, however, said he supported the resolution based on the understanding that it in no way directed, encouraged or authorized ONUB to cooperate with or support the International Criminal Court.", UN Resolution 1577, December 1st 2004

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