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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Palipehutu-FNL admits responsibility for the Titanic Express attack

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The FNL's Sindayigaya faction, which split from Agathon Rwasa earlier this year, has issued a statement admitting that the group carried out the December 28th 2000 Titanic Express attack.

"The descent into hell of Agathon Rwasa began with the murder of Charlotte Wilson, of English nationality. She was travelling on board the TITANIC which fell into an ambush. The Etat-Major of the FNL met and asked Rwasa de give an apology to the British community. He refused and put to death the officers who came to make this proposal."

Responding to the statement, Charlotte Wilson's brother, Richard Wilson said:

"As one family among twenty-one who lost a loved one in the Titanic Express massacre, we welcome this admission of FNL responsibility. But Rwasa's 'descent into hell' began the very first time he ordered the killing of unarmed civilians. The Titanic Express massacre was one of hundreds of FNL attacks in which innocent people were killed, and Charlotte would have been the first to point out that hers was only one of twenty-one innocent lives stolen by the FNL on December 28th 2000. An English life is worth no more than the life of a Burundian, Rwandan or Congolese person.

We want justice not only for Charlotte, but for her fiancé Richard Ndereyimana, together with Arthur Kabunda, Julien Ndenga, Titi Mbeyinzima, Innocent Mukila and all those who died with them. We want justice for every Hutu, Tutsi and Twa person murdered by the FNL, for the 152 victims of Gatumba and for the hundreds of child soldiers sent to their deaths as cannon fodder by Agathon Rwasa. Rwasa owes an apology not just to us, but to the families of all his victims."

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