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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Reuters issue bogus report on FNL "amnesty"

Reuters' latest report on Burundi claims that the FNL have demanded an amnesty, and that the Burundian government say they have acceded to this demand - yet the only sources given in the report refer not to an "amnesty" - which awards permanent protection from prosecution, but to "immunity". Under the terms of the peace agreements signed to date, the judicial immunity granted to Burundi's killers has always been clearly stated as a strictly temporary measure, pending the creation of a Special Court and Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Reuters' conflation of these two very different things can only serve to embolden those within Burundi's political elite who are determined to rewrite history and ensure that the "provisional immunity" they were granted in 2003 is quietly redefined as a permanent amnesty, thereby forever denying victims their right to justice.


Burundian rebels refused to rejoin a truce monitoring team which was to have begun work on Tuesday, demanding amnesty in exchange for participation in the group overseeing the end of the country's long civil war.

The Hutu Forces for National Liberation (FNL) insurgency is seen as the final barrier to lasting stability in the central African coffee growing nation of 8 million, which has seen more than a decade of ethnic conflict that killed 300,000 people.

The FNL first quit the team last year, hampering a deal they had signed in September 2006 to end Burundi's 13-year civil war.

The truce team -- FNL members, government officials and international mediators -- was due to resume work on Tuesday, under a deadline set by chief mediator Charles Nqakula of South Africa.

"We have a team of 11 people ready to join the joint verification monitoring mechanism, but they can't come to Bujumbura unless they have immunity," FNL spokesman Pasteur Habimana said from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
He said the Burundian parliament should grant the amnesty, which the Burundian government said had already been granted.

"Last year, FNL members came into Bujumbura to take part in the ceasefire monitoring team. This couldn't be possible if an immunity was not given to them," said Evariste Ndayishimiye, head of the government delegation to peace talks.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the Corners of Africa to the Middle East, Sounds are being heard, it is the same message we recorded in History, the struggle to see Equality, social inclusion, Fair share of Natural resources, Rights protected and defended for all Social Class, Religion and Race.

William Wilbeforce, MP for Yorkshire in England, could not bare to be silent knowing that some of his Politicians Colleagues were trading with no Ethics,Patrice Lumumba of Former Belgian Congo was not seduced by Privileges offered to him as he assisted to the suffering of Colonial Rule in his own Homeland, Dr Martin Luther King chose to fight against Poverty, against Wars and Racial discrimination.

It is understandable to feel like stepping aside as the pain of injustice is real, sometimes, People would prefer to be ignorant so that they are not hurt of what others are going through.

I have been one of those who felt like giving up my fight to defend Human Rights, to speak the truth with regards to what I lived in my native Country Burundi, by refusing to be biased, I received intimidations from all sides, some did send encouragement messages, some left my life saying:"I was too much involved in exposing the truth of the cruelty of this World." They continued arguing that I will be killed if I continue campaigning.

Bob Marley once organised a Concert for Peace, he was shot at as he came to the stage.Three Days after, he came back to the stage, he was asked why he had come back so early, he then answered:"The ennemy never takes a Day off,why should we?"

It may be a fight for Justice, Peace struggle, but I am confident that each one of you can somehow connect with a Person and contribute positively in their life.

Life is too short, life is made up of many challenges, life is a long Journey, life is full of ups and downs, changing one life will always be appreciated and remembered.

While we commemorate the Rwanda Genocide, we are still witnessing Genocides in small motion in Sudan,Burundi, we are silent to the number of bombs in other wars such as Afghanistan, Irak,Israel,Palestine,we are too polite to challenge extremists who continue to influence others into violence targeting Women and Children.

Greed, thirst for power and Control have taken away the Moral values of this World.

I hope you'll stand up, I hope you'll choose to act.

Peace and Love!

Desire-Joseph Katihabwa

3:25 PM  

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