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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Topsy-turvy justice in Burundi - torture and killings go unpunished while calling the President an "empty bottle" can land you in jail

From the BBC

Burundi's Supreme Court has sentenced one of the country's most powerful politicians, Hussein Radjabu, to 13 years in prison for subversion.

The former ruling party chairman was accused of plotting an armed rebellion and insulting the president by referring to him as an "empty bottle".

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many were silenced from the time Burundi gained freedom from Belgian Colonial Rule.

Prince Louis Rwagasore, Father of Burundi independence always insisted asking Burundians to resist violence and hatred.Despite all his efforts, he was assassinated.

Members of the Burundi Royal Family were killed one by one, very few survived.

Hutu and Tutsi individuals, Politicians, Army officers, who attempted to stand what was morally right, those who tried to stand for justice and Good Governance, those who invited others to be united and reject division, were all intimidated by assassination, emprisonnement or no access to jobs.

I left Burundi in 1999, I kept hoping for the best so that we can all go back to our Homeland.

It is a long journey to Freedom!

Those who have manipulated the tiny Nation of Burundi will live with the conscience that they have taken away People's basic Human rights.

Peace and love!

5:28 AM  

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