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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Amnesty International and International Crisis Group on the Titanic Express Massacre

Amnesty International - Between Hope and Fear: On 28 December, passengers on the Kigali - Bujumbura bus were forced off the bus at Mageyo some 15km from Bujumbura by members of an armed group, believed to be the FNL. Twenty one of the 30 passengers died in the attack, at least 10 of whom were robbed, forced to lie down and summarily executed. The motive of the attack may have been the alleged failure of the driver, Pascal, who was amongst those killed, to contribute sufficiently to the FNL. Others killed included Charlotte Wilson, a British aid worker in Rwanda, Audace Ndayisaba, Richard Notereyimana, Aline Nzeyimana, Ibrahima, Innocent, Florence Hagatura and Nzeyimana. The FNL have denied responsibility for the attack.

International Crisis Group - Burundi: Breaking the Deadlock: Explaining the obvious change in attitude of Agathon Rwasa’s FNL is difficult. The same troops have implemented terrorist operations, such as shooting up a Sabena airliner landing at Bujumbura, a bloody attack on the bus, Titanic, connecting Kigali to the capital of Burundi in December 2000, and numerous other massacres of civilians over the last few years, when they were, in fact, under the order of the same Agathon Rwasa...

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