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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Impunity kills - six Burundian churchgoers murdered in cold blood as Burundi parliament agrees plans for an amnesty

On Thursday 16th June, the Burundian government approved plans to offer an amnesty to self-confessed murderers, as part of a scheme described as a "Truth and reconciliation commission". The move was hailed by representatives of the "international community":

"...while the natural urge of many people is to seek revenge against those who killed loved ones, the TRC must balance establishing the truth and amnesty for those who publicly testified about their criminal actions", South African lawyer Richard Lyster was quoted as saying.

On Friday 17th June, just days after promising to end all hostilities, members of the Burundian Hutu extremist FNL walked into a church in the Muhuta district of Bujumbura-rurale, and massacred six of the congregation.

And why shouldn't they, when they know that they can get themselves off the hook by shedding crocodile tears on camera a few years down the line? What kind of "peace process" turns a blind eye to the fact that the killings haven't stopped? One wonders what the likes of Richard Lyster would say to the families of those who lost their lives in yesterday's carnage.

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