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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Burundi journalist suggests South African secret service complicity in "coup" fraud, urges Mbeki to investigate

Burundi realité reports that Alexis Sinduhije has publicly denounced the alleged coup as a fabrication by the ruling party CNDD-FDD, driven by the party President Hussein Radjabu - and suggests that members of the South African secret service may have been involved. Extracts follow:

“We received information yesterday evening which confirmed the information that we'd already seen, proving that this so-called coup d'etat is a fabrication which was concocted at a high-level within the ruling CNDD-FDD party by the president of this party Hussein Radjabu, with some people from the secret service. I would like to say to you here that the Burundian secret service is not serving the State. They are servants of the party in power”,

“We received information to the effect that Alain Mugabarabona [one of the alleged coup plotters arrested last week] was used, moreover her was not tortured, was the bait to attract certain personalities, and it is him who approached them [to take part in the fictitious coup]. There are of those that refused, and there are perhaps some that spoke to him..."

“We have very precise, very clear information that this was nothing but a fabrication. Indeed there were some individuals of the South-African secret service who may have advised or assisted CNDD-FDD in this action”

“We urge the South-African government, president Thabo Mbeki himself - we do not doubt his humanity, or his position as a responsible African, to exert pressure and to investigate whether his services have been infiltrated by Hussein Radjabu, or if he can persuade him to behave like a civilized man”

“Burundians of peace must organise themselves and bring a legal action against Radjabu Hussein”.

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