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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another victory for South African diplomacy - with African Union support, unelected Hutu-extremists demand every key government ministry in Burundi

Hot on the heels of the African Union's bullying demand that the elected Burundian government enters into a powersharing deal with the unelected extremist group Palipehutu-FNL, South African diplomacy has delivered yet another edifying development. As the price for supposedly ending his ongoing campaign of war crimes and crimes against humanity, the FNL leader Agathon Rwasa has demanded that he be given control of every key government ministry, both Vice Presidencies, ten key Ambassadorial posts and over half the provincial governorships across the country. Four years and three days on from the FNL's brutal massacre at Gatumba, this would place the group in pole position to finish the genocide that was started in Rwanda in 1994, and continued across Burundi and in the DRC throughout the 1990s.

Presumably we can now expect another African Union press release, lobbying for an elected government to accede, in the name of 'peace', to the demands of Burundi's answer to the Khmer Rouge. Great job, South Africa!

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