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Sunday, May 18, 2008

FNL demand immunity from prosecution and government posts - again

The BBC is reporting that some members of the FNL leadership have returned to Bujumbura, again, declaring their intention to talk about peace.

The report notes that "FNL leaders in exile in Tanzania want full immunity from prosecution and a share of government jobs. But this would require constitutional changes which the government - wracked by a parliamentary crisis - does not have the power to deliver."

No mention is made of the fact that granting of blanket immunity to Rwasa and his fellow indicted war criminals would be a violation of Burundi's obligations under international law to uphold victims' rights - or that giving government posts to unelected warlords would not simply be "unconstitutional" - it would effectively bring to an end Burundi's short experiment with electoral democracy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


There are events that cannot leave me silent. I have been observing more or less silently the development of the so-called peace process in Burundi. As days went by, it was getting me more and more frustrating. First of all, because it sacrifices justice to the expediency of reconciliation. Second, the talks are conducted between two criminal organisations, CNDD-FDD and PALIPEHUTU-FNL.
That CNDD-FDD has been allowed to campaign and hold office despite its long list of genocidal and other types of crimes, was already an unspeakable blow to the people of Burundi who are forced to believe in a democracy that is devoid of justice. But what happened today was the crowning of the rule of immorality that is prevailing in Burundi with the approval of the international community: Agathon Rwasa, a man who, like Nkurunziza and CNDD-FDD, is responsible for so many atrocities, arrived in Bujumbura where he is protected by UN troops.
May it be recalled here that the UN was among the first organisations to condemn the massacre of nearly 200 Congolese Tutsi by Rwasa's troops in the Gatumba Refugee camp on August 13, 2004. The UN has also been asked many times by various associations to take action against Rwasa and his terrorist organisation PALIPEHUTU-FNL for their massacre of the passengers of the Titanic Express bus! Today's the response was given: the UN deployed blue helmets to protect this criminal against humanity!!
In my opinion, this suggests either of these two things: either the UN has failed in its mission of punishing the crime of genocide or the UN is applying double standards for Burundi. In fact, how can an organisation that was launched to ensure that no more genocide is committed or left unpunished, choose to support a man who has been hunting down innocent civilians and killing them, only because they are Tutsi?

A. as long as (1) Pierre Nkurunziza and his criminal organisation CNDD-FDD remain unpunished and in office and (2)Rwasa is enjoying the protection of international bodyguards;
B. Unless we arrest and try the leaders of CNDD-FDD, PALIPEHUTU, FRODEBU and all other genocidal organisations;
the international community will be insulting the memory of all people who were killed because of their ethnicity, such as the Herero, the Armenians, and of course, the Jews.

I do not see any reason why the likes of Himmler, Goering, Borman, Hoess and their Nazi party, should not receive posthmous apologies, since they were convicted and banned because for the very crimes that have brought Nkurunziza and CNDD-FDD in office and given Rwasa and PALIPEHUTU international recognition and protection.

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